Getting to STOP SHOP Praha Horní Měcholupy

The STOP SHOP is located on the eastern edge of Horní Měcholupy by the main road Hornoměcholupská at the level of Na Křečku street. You can come to us this way or choose to access via Novopetrovická street.

The Na Křečku bus stop is located directly in front of the STOP SHOP and the bus lines No. 154, 175 and 183 will take you there. You can also access via the nearby Praha-Horní Měcholupy train station.

Stop Shop Praha Horní Měcholupy

Hornoměcholupská 764
109 00 Praha

Opening hours

Shops are open every day at STOP SHOP Horní Měcholupy. Store's opening hours may vary, more detailed information can be found below.

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