STOP SHOP Czech Republic

At STOP SHOP, you will find everything in one place, which is why shopping in STOP SHOPs is so easy. You will find most of our STOP SHOPs  on the outskirts of cities, perfectly accessible via different means of transport. 

All STOP SHOP Locations in Czech Republic

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CityMarket retail parks, part of CPI Property Group, bring customers the pleasure of shopping in regions across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as Poland and Hungary. 

We work with popular and reliable brands that offer a variety of goods and services. In cooperation with our business partners, we develop their visions and concepts and are ready to adapt our business units to their specific needs. In addition, the presence of a renowned grocer near CityMarket retail parks ensures that customers can shop easily and conveniently in one place without having to make complicated trips from place to place. This is especially beneficial for those living in smaller towns where access to goods and services can be severely limited. We know from regular shoppers that it's also the prime location, easy accessibility by car and public transport, and ample parking that always brings them back. 

We strive to provide all newcomers with the best facilities for their shopping experience. Our priority is a clean, uncluttered, accessible and safe shopping environment. 
If you want to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable, CityMarket retail parks are the right place for you.