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Kaštel Sućurac

Cesta Franje Tudmana 344
21212 Kaštel Sucurac

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Alterra at SPAR and INTERSPAR

Exclusively available at SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, Alterra offers more than 15 natural body, face, and hair care products at great prices. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it serves as our front line of defense against external threats like bacteria, viruses, and UV rays. Therefore, taking good care of it is essential. Many traditional skin care products contain artificial ingredients that can be harmful, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

At SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, you can find a wide range of Alterra products that bring all the benefits of gentle and nutritious natural ingredients. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the Alterra difference. Find the entire range of ALTERRA PRODUCTS at your nearest SPAR or INTERSPAR store.


Optika Anda, the first in Europe, has introduced a digital assistant to assist with vision care!

The beloved character loved by both young and old - Anda Panda, has now come to life and taken on a new role as a vision coach available 24/7. Find out how Anda Panda can help and how to access her. 

Optika Anda's new digital assistant operates on the WhatsApp platform, allowing smartphone users to quickly find solutions for their vision, support appointment bookings, answer questions about Anda ambassadors, and much more!

"At Optika Anda, we always strive to stay up to date with new technologies in the market, and since caring for our customers is our top priority, we decided to utilize the best that AI can currently offer us. That's how we created a vision coach available to our customers 24/7," explained the Optika Anda team on the creation of this AI solution. 

Anda Panda's digital assistant, as your vision coach, has its learning algorithm that allows it to improve and systematically enhance its capabilities through every interaction with users. Anda Panda is accessible to everyone through the WhatsApp application, and you can access her by scanning the QR code from the visual or by clicking on the LINK WhatsApp Anda Panda.


Create the perfect relaxation zone.

Rich selection and everything in one place!  Equip your apartment, house, or flat, or arrange your garden and enjoy with family and friends all summer long. Whatever direction your idea takes, find the products at SPAR that will help you achieve it!

Check out the offer in the CATALOGUE!


Discover a delightful catch at Spar Fish Market!

Spar Fish Market is not just any ordinary shopping destination for seafood and fish lovers. It offers a rich selection of high-quality, fresh products that promise an unforgettable culinary experience. Satisfy your taste buds and indulge in the irresistible charms of fresh seafood!


Hello, hello sun!

Enjoy the upcoming sunny days as Optika Anda offers a 30% discount for loyalty members on sunglasses and prescription frames with the purchase of Anda cleaner or Kasko insurance. Hurry, as this offer is only valid until April 21st.


More than 700 products at SPAR prices!

Fantastic reduced prices are now available across various segments of the SPAR offer. Attractive discounts cover over 120 items of fresh food assortment, over 280 items of dry assortment, and more than 110 cosmetic products. Also, don't forget to check out the S-BUDGET line where over 30 products await you at discounted prices.

Take advantage of these attractive offers and save!

See you there!


It's time for Müller's CURRENT OFFER!

Start your day with a tasty soy drink.  Pamper your skin with a luxurious body lotion. Treat yourself to your favorite chocolate classic.  Attractive products at super affordable prices await you at the nearest Müller store!

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The new MANA collection has just arrived! 

It's time to refresh your wardrobe with the latest clothing from the MANA spring collection. You can find casual jackets, tunics, and shirts in cheerful shades at great prices in the nearest MANA store. Take a look at the CATALOG and find your favorite combination!

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