Getting to STOP SHOP Valjevo

STOP SHOP Valjevo is located in the wider city center, at the end of Karađorđeva Street and at the beginning of a large residential estate called Kolubara 2. There are signposts that direct visitors to the retail park at all entrances to the city from all directions. STOP SHOP is also easily accessible by foot from all parts of the city.

The city bus transport line going from Suva česma to Iverak stops near the STOP SHOP retail park, close to the Medical School (at a distance of 500m).

Stop Shop Valjevo

Uzun Mirkova 2
14000 Valjevo

Opening Hours

The STOP SHOP Valjevo retail park is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 9 am until 9 pm.

Our Offers

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Take advantage of a 20% discount on part of the PS Fashion range!

Get ready for new fashion adventures with a 20% discount on selected models from the spring-summer collection!

The discounts are cumulative, so by purchasing selected items from the mid-season offer, you can save up to 44%.
The offer lasts from June 20 to 26 and is valid for the purchase of more than one item.

📍Niš, Lazarevac, Valjevo

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More PS Fashion models on mid-season discount now up to 44%!

It's the right time to refresh your style and enjoy unique fashion combinations.

Take advantage of up to 30% discount on selected models from the spring-summer collection, which in addition to an additional 20% on the marked part of the assortment bring you up to 44% savings.
The offer lasts from June 20 to 26 and is valid for the purchase of more than one item.

📍Niš, Lazarevac, Valjevo


Take advantage of the great offer in Planeta Sport stores!

Up to 60% off the entire new spring/summer collection, on another cheaper item!
Visit Planeta Sport in our shopping park until July 8 and get ready to step through the summer!

📍Borča, Niš, Sremska Mitrovica, Zaječar, Vršac, Valjevo, Subotica, Smederevo, Požarevac, Leskovac, Čačak


Vulkan's 50% discount on selected thrillers, romance novels and popular psychology has started at Vulkan bookstore!

Until July 7, you can take advantage of a 50% discount at the Vulkan bookstore and buy selected Vulkan books of the specified genres.

🏝 Equip yourself with good reading for warm summer days and create unforgettable moments for yourself with great titles. Enjoy reading! 📚

You can find more information at this link:



📚 The action on selected Vulkančić books has started and will last until July 8! 🧸️📚 You can buy selected children's books published by Vulkančić on the principle of 3 books for 999 dinars!

📌 Visit your favorite Vulkan bookstore and make your little one happy! 📚


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