Getting to STOP SHOP Požarevac

STOP SHOP Požarevac is located at the beginning of the industrial zone of the city of Požarevac. When coming from the direction of the highway E75-A1, you can take the main exit Požarevac. STOP SHOP is also a 10-minute leisurely walk away from the city center, across Čeda Vasovića street.

Stop Shop Požarevac

Ðure Ðakovica
12000 Požarevac

Opening Hours

The STOP SHOP Požarevac retail park is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 10am until 10pm.

Our Offers


Mid-season promotion

-20% on sports shoes, shoes, sneakers and bags from men's, women's and children's collections.

The promotion applies to discounted and non-discounted products.




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